Life From The Lens

I started photography when I was eight years old. My grandma and grandpa gave me a small film camera as a gift, and it was then that I became infatuated with the art of photography. I do not believe I had very many good pictures from the times that I used my first little point and shoot, but it started something within me.

I bought my first camera when I was thirteen; it was a little pink, eight megapixel, point and shoot Olympus that I took with me on every outing for a very long time. I followed my siblings around with  my little camera and worked on my portraiture by photographing them.


2010: St. Louis Botanical Gardens

2011: Piano at Notre Dame High School. On assignment from The Rebel Rouser, the school newspaper.

2011: Rose in my backyard. 333701_158082817607636_2472490_o

2011: Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I wandered off on a hike in the mountains and found an abandoned farm.

2012: Wright City, Missouri. I did not edit this picture, but rather flicked my wrist when the shutter fired to convey the motion. 

2012: Wright City, Missouri. Swing set of The Cabin

2013: Downtown St. Louis 

2012: St. Louis, Missouri. I figured out how to do light painting. You can see me awkwardly in the corner as a little ghost-thing because of the slow shutter speed of my camera. 

2012: Wright City, Missouri. I dug up my mom’s old film Pentax camera and took a selfie in the car window because I was incredibly excited about the fact that I had a SLR to use.

2013: New Year’s Day: Botanical Gardens, St. Louis MO. My sister, Emma.

2013: August: I purchased my first DSLR, a Nikon D90. Sorry for the selfie.


2013: Cedar Hill, Missouri: My little sisters at a farm. I was incredibly proud of this picture for a very long time because it reminded me of Dorthea Lange, the photographer I continually aspire to be.

2014: Oakville, Missouri: Some dappled daylight on a hike to the Mississipi River.

2013: Valpariso, Indiana: My friend Pilar did not want a picture taken of her.

2014: St. Louis, Missouri: My youngest brother and my mother.

2014: St. Louis, Missouri: puppy


2014: Chesterfield, Missouri. My friend Hannah while I was taking some pictures of her.

2014: Kansas City, Missouri. Vampires on Halloween with my friend Lauren.

2014: St. Louis, Missouri. Christmas at my parent’s house three months after I moved out. I had forgotten how beautiful, charming, and simple life was in my youth.

2014: St. Louis, Missouri. Christmas at my parent’s house with my younger siblings.

2014: Kansas City, Missouri. On assignment for Rockhurst University Campus Ministry at a Taize Advent celebration.

2015: Washington, D. C. On assignment for Rockhurst University Students for Life.


2015: Kansas City, Missouri. One of my favorite pictures, even after all this time. I captured a friend, Dan, while walking to class, smoking a cigarette.

2015: Kansas City, Missouri. I learned how to do macro photography.

2015: Kansas City, Missouri.

2015: St. Louis, Missouri. Senior picture session at sunrise.


2015: Kansas City, Missouri. My friend’s grandfather’s workshop. DSC_0918

2015: St. Louis, Missouri. Downtown St. Louis at night.


2015: St. Louis, Missouri. The fourth of July. 11698861_391392617717883_4329011342699766656_o

2015: Kansas City, Missouri. I learned to do film photography, and this was a result of one of the pictures I staged and printed. WP_20151028_001

2015: Kansas City, Missouri. My best friend, Alex.


2016: Grandview Triangle, Kansas City, Missouri. My friend Mick’s back.

DSC_07011 (2)

2016: St. Louis, Missouri. Rooftopping.



2016: Kansas City, Missouri.dsc_8881


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