Published Works

The first link here is a creative poem, called “La Lune” that I wrote and got published in “The Moon Zine,” which is based out of St. Louis, in September of 2016. I wrote it to convey the importance of a particular person in my life, which was my best friend at the time. You will notice that the strange and random capitalization of letters is a stylistic poetic choice, or maybe I’m just bad at capitalizing.
Another poem I got published in the final rendition of the Moon Zine is entitled “11/11/18.” It’s about being torn between things that the narrator says and things that the narrator dreams. The title is just the date that I wrote it. Page 24.
In September of 2018, I was named a Missouri Emerging Author by a small publishing company called Z Publishing. I’m published in their anthology. It’s on Amazon.
In March of 2019, I was named a Missouri Emerging Author by Z Publishing for my work in flash fiction. It’s published in their anthology, which is also available on Amazon. But don’t buy it, don’t make it weird.
I got a long poem published in Warm Soda Magazine in October of 2019: https://www.warmsodamag.com/issuethree


I currently work at eSpecial Needs, and I write blogs and research articles for part of my job as a marketing coordinator. https://www.especialneeds.com/blog/increase-attention-spans-active-seating/ 

Here’s what I like to call my pride and joy: a heavily researched article to help parents understand their kiddo with a dual diagnosis of anxiety and autism. A big shout out to my med school friend, Brendan Daly, my co-worker Kalinda Horton, and my co-worker and OT friend Emily Martin for helping me write this beast of an article.



This piece entails an interview I had for my internship with the Archdiocese of St. Louis with the director of the office of Young Adult Ministry.
The second link is an article that I wrote for The Odyssey Online, which is a collegiate lifestyle website that has a branch of Rockhurst University writers. I wrote for this website for almost three years, and I have continually produced 500-word articles. The article that I have chosen to link to below is a lifestyle article that I wrote that regards the peculiarities of dating in college. I really liked writing articles about dating, even though I really suck at it. This particular article, while it may not be pertinent to you, was very well received for my particular audience base, as I have found that millennials in the university level have a difficult time with finding security in themselves. While I understand that The Odyssey Online is a website that was mainly designed for click-bait type articles that are filled with GIF’s and things that the audience is supposed to relate to, I make a conscious effort, as a writer for the website, to make my articles meaningful and appealing to a variety of audiences by using a combination of elevated and simplistic diction.
(To see more of my articles besides this one, click here: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/@katherineblanner )


The third and final link is a journalistic article that I wrote for my school’s newspaper, The Sentinel. The piece directs the idea of the “stupid” or “uninformed millennial” by attempting to show the reader, through evidence through interviews, that college students are mostly not misinformed.


In addition to writing, I am also proficient at editing. I was the editor in chief of a literary magazine, Infectus, for two years.

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