NIALL Luxury

I started working in marketing when I was a junior in college. I got an internship with a luxury watch company called NIALL Luxury. I remember getting the offer note and telling all of my family and friends because I was so thrilled for the opportunity. I grew up the oldest of eight kids, so money was always tight. I had never had exposure to the luxury world. I had no idea what I was doing. 

But I was determined to do my research. I read up on Hodinkee, which is like the New York Times of luxury watches. I learned everything I could about the product, the process of making it, and the competition. I noticed, pretty early on, that all of the luxury watch industry lacked a serious amount of diversity in its advertisements. I took the below image, and it was featured as NIALL’s website header and catalog header for the duration of my time there, and it represented a new frontier for us. We had been named a premier American watch company by The Good Trade, and I wanted to keep pushing the envelope.

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In my second year at the company, I focused heavily on creating collaborations with local Kansas City apparel brands, and had shot with them to create gorgeous images, and until NIALL folded in May of 2018, ensured our spot as a Kansas City Staple. 

The Archdiocese of St. Louis

During my internship with the Archdiocese of St. Louis between junior and senior year of college, I focused on creating market differentiation with outstanding graphics. For all of my life, I have absolutely despised the poor graphics and art produced by the Catholic church and other religious institutions. Recently, I got a call from my old boss at the Archdiocese wanting to rehire me part-time. Very happy to confirm that I still am employed part-time there.

eSpecial Needs

With my current position at eSpecial Needs, I’ve done a lot of work to help ensure that we are a notable leader in the field of special needs equipment and aids. It hasn’t been easy since we are currently in the golden age of online retail with a clear winner whose name I don’t have to mention for you to know who I’m talking about.  I have been given a lot of responsibility and freedom to be creative, two things that I am immensely grateful for. 

It all started with learning the products we offer. As I learned more about the individuals who we serve with our products, I realized that, although we have been able to ensure families have the proper equipment for their loved ones, they might not always have the best support. In an effort to establish our market differentiation, I went straight into developing researched resources for special needs families. I made countless blog posts, developed a podcast where I interviewed professionals in the special needs field about topics that were important to them. You can check out my writings at 

I began photographing individuals who have special needs with the products we make and manufacture, which was, oddly enough, not a priority for the company until I ensured its emphasis. 

When it comes to design work, I have decided that punchy colors with clean minimalism are a beautiful way to bring fun and happiness to graphics, advertisements, and email campaigns. 

With our campaigns and advertisements, I have emphasized the practicality of the products alongside free researched resources, and this market differentiation has not only been lucrative but also catapulted us as a notable leader in the field.