The online portfolio of my work is not easily quantified or qualified. Throughout the remainder of my website, you will see my work in photography, writing, and marketing or business. To understand precisely why I have chosen to showcase these particular aspects of my work here, the following information details the origin and continuation of these particular loves of mine.

When I was eight years old, my grandfather gave me a simple film camera for my birthday. It was then that I became hooked on photography. Since, art has always been my outlet for the things I cannot make sense of. Throughout my lifetime and into my twenty-somethings, I have used art as a means of expressing the matters of my mind that must find a way out. Photography, especially portraiture, was a natural means to the aforementioned end. Humans are incredibly complex and forever changing, and I want capture people in an attempt to understand them. Finding answers to the questions I never knew I had is the basis of my craft. Understanding the human condition is, at one in the same time, my greatest endeavor and my greatest struggle. Through my work, I hope that you, the viewer, is enticed to ponder what it is that harbors our humanity and what it is that we can overcome.


When I was twelve, the summer before seventh grade, my mom took my siblings and I to the library almost every day. Every adventure to the local library opened up new opportunities for me to indulge in incredible fictionalized experiences, letting the makings of my young mind become well established in classic and contemporary youth literature. I began to fall in love with reading rapidly. My love of reading made me want to write, which proved to be an incredible outlet for many of the sentiments that I could not make sense of. I wrote my first fiction novella at the age of fourteen (sadly, most, if not all, of the copies have been deleted of the hilariously wistful book, called Running In The Rain). Writing has continued to prove to be an important part of my life, and my studies in English writing have only reinforced my affection for the craft.


I have been studying business and working in a business setting for the past three years, and I have to express my love of the challenge of various aspects of the career. Although there are difficult aspects of business, like economics and accounting, I have continually thoroughly enjoyed learning and applying the vast range of business communication and marketing that I have learned throughout my undergraduate education.


Photograph taken by my friend Hannah Paul while on a hike at Castlewood State Park in St. Louis, MO.